Why it is not convenient to remove lime from water

Permanent water hardness is generated by dissolved calcium and magnesium sulfates. The Wordl Health Organisation does not establish a maximum limit of calcium in the waters based on the lack of evidence of association between water hardness and health, but it does establish a minimum.

Calcium is a basic mineral for good bones and dental health and from which a large part of the population takes an insufficient amount. Currently, it is proven that the calcium in the water absorbs, at a minimum, like that of dairy products. Therefore, the waters can provide an extra amount of calcium to reach more than 1,000 mg daily recommended.

Magnesium deficit

  • It aggravates the risk of some cardiovascular diseases
  • Produces coronary atherosclerosis
  • It causes arrhythmia
  • Produces insulin resistance
  • Produces cholesterol
  • It produces blood clotting of blood vessels

Softened water changes its chemical composition, eliminates calcium and magnesium and replaces it with sodium, with the problems that this can cause.

If filters are used, they can serve as a true culture medium for bacteria if they are not recycled regularly.

In osmotized water, calcium and magnesium are eliminated but also many other components, including fluorine and chlorine. Eliminating chlorine increases the risk of bacteria proliferation in treated water

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